What are those tiny (<1mm) crumbs in honey?

Because we only roughly filter our honey, the high-quality and nutrient-rich pollen remains in the honey. Filtration with a sieve that is too fine would remove the valuable pollen from the honey.

Pollen contains many proteins and an analysis of the pollen can determine the exact origin of the honey.

Forgeries are usually all of the pollen withdrawn in order to make it impossible to trace the honey.

What kind of crystals are in honey?

Yes, the honey is still edible. It’s not mold, it’s glucose crystals. Even if the honey only forms crystals after a few months, it is not a sign of bad honey, on the contrary, it is a sign of particularly dry honey.

The so-called crystal flower only arises in honey that has been harvested dry. If the glucose crystals lack a coating of water, then air is stored. The refraction of light between honey and air ensures the light / white color. A tiny air gap has been created between the glass and honey, into which the glucose crystals have grown.